NFTs in the TON ecosystem

NFTs in the TON ecosystem

The Tone Ecosystem is becoming more and more popular. The main reason is the growth in the number and quality of projects in this network. Let's take a look at the latest innovations in the NFT field. The bear market has created many problems for NFTs, but Tone is coping well with them.


- TON's ambassadorship program among crypto-enthusiasts was launched.

- 🐸 Fresh plans from TON Frogs - third presale of 1,111 NFTs selling for TON or project token, entry into cross-chain and the new Frogs mint itself.

- A new comic book drop from G-Bots. The creators of the project are working on an NFT comic book in the game's universe: a sequel to the story is already available to holders in a separate GREADY app. It's especially cool that the comic has been translated into Japanese for true fans.

- The first big draw of the Fortuna lottery was successfully played! The project team made the usual mechanics of lottery tickets, but took smart contracts as the basis: anyone can check their source code.

- 🌵 TON Succulents public presale launches

 Only 105 NFTs in different categories from 10 TONs are available. Each NFT has a real, live succulent behind it.

- 😍 The new drop from Hello TON is now animated! The author's anime collection has been updated with new dynamic characters. NFTs are available for purchase.

- 🐳 Club steaking from TON Whales. An increased percentage is available to NFT project holders, and the top 15 holders have the opportunity to get coins with an even higher percentage. A good reason to take a Whale and become a Whale?